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VietPhil vô cùng xúc động và sung sướng khi nhận được rất nhiều bài dự thi của cuộc thi Writing Contest, chủ đề My Dream (Ước mơ của tôi) từ các bạn nhỏ đến từ mọi miền đất nước. 3 tuần diễn ra cuộc thi là những ngày hồi hộp nhận email bài dự thi, tâm đắc với những bài viết hay, và cả sự bất ngờ về những ước mơ thú vị của các em.

Một bác sĩ, một nhà hoạt động xã hội, một luật sư bảo vệ sự công bằng cho xã hội, một nữ công an hay một cô giáo mang con chữ đến cho các em học sinh… những ước mơ đầy cao đẹp và thể hiện cả sự quyết tâm, suy nghĩ của các em về một tương lai đất nước tốt đẹp hơn. BTC đã chọn ra 19 bài thi xuất sắc nhất bình chọn trên fanpage của VietPhil.

Sau bao ngày cân não và xem xét dưới nhiều yếu tố, chi tiết trong từng phần điểm nội dung (hành văn, ngữ pháp, độ truyền cảm và bố cục bài viết); cộng với số điểm bình chọn trên fanpage, BTC đã chọn ra 1 giải nhất và 2 giải nhì cho 3 bạn nhỏ có bài viết xuất sắc nhất:

Dưới đây là bài dự thi đạt giải nhất của em Nguyễn Châu Anh đến từ Hà Nội, với ước mơ sẽ đến học tại Havard.

You only live once, living is not just to exist, to breathe but living is also to dream, to nurture and to work for your dreams. Dreaming is an indispensable part of people’s life. Having dreams equals to being responsible for both your dream and yourself. When you have a dream, you do all you can and you’re fearless, you dare to accept all the challenges and hardships it brings about, you confront with them, say no to give it all up. Your dreams make your life much better and meaningful, or you can say, dreaming is like a main task in your life and you were born to complete the task. Everyone has a dream. I myself is not an exception, I dreamt, I’m working, and I will fight for it.

As soon as I was aware of the importance of dreaming, I started to have my own dreams, but they were just “Kid’s dreams”, which are the foundation for my later ultimate goal. My dreams come from the people around me. Through my parents and my two brothers’ stories about their time studying abroad, at the age of 10, I wished I would have a chance to study overseas, just simply because I enjoy traveling and love to meet people with different cultures.

When I grow older, I started to understand that studying abroad is much more than that. It provides you with a chance to experience and approach a new culture, lifestyle and be able to explore the world. You can do things that you haven’t done before, you have to cope with difficulties all alone without your parents’ help, which improves your self- confidence and your ability to work and live independently. Studying overseas also will help improve your language and communication skills as you have to talk daily in a total different language and use it as your official spoken language. And last but not least, the educational system is what fascinates me the most, because we don’t just study all the long definitions and theories but we will be given chances to practice and gain experience, which will benefit you in your future work.
The more I’m growing older, the more I realize that not everywhere in the world are all wonderful. There are still children, women and people are dying of starving and diseases. Ethnic and religious crisis in the Middle East and Africa, environmental pollution, climate change affects the life of millions citizens. My biggest dream now is to become a leader, a diplomat, who in her position can solve those problems and contribute to the world’s development.

With more objectives in life, I am now dreaming to study in Havard University, the best university in the world, which pumped out an extraordinary number of accomplished leaders, operators, actress, actors and even presidents such as John F. Kennedy, James McNerny, Bill Gates, Natalie Portman, father of the Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg. Among those famous individuals, the one that inspires me the most is President Barack Obama of the United States. This university will educate me to be a comprehensive person with skills and abilities in life, including the leadership capacity.

“The difference between possible and impossible is your strong determination.” Dreaming is easy, but putting your dream into practice is the most difficult part. Learning at Havard University will always be my dream. Im gonna study hard, work hard and believe in myself, there is no gain without pain. And I do believe, the university door is always open for a serious dreamer and a hard worker!

Bài dự thi của em Nguyễn Thi Kim Ngân (Hà Nội) với ước mơ làm cô giáo:

When it comes dream job, most of my friends would like become a doctor, a businessman, an architect or even a flight attendant to be able to travel all around the world. To me, I choose teaching. In the world, teaching and teacher’s contribution is often underestimated and people normally see it as “just a boring job”. But, teaching’s more than a job because apart from professional knowledge, it also requires many other skills like communication, being patient and inspiring, sometimes even humor.

I can say that teaching is in my blood from years when I studied at primary school. Mrs. Hoa, my English teacher as my second mother was the person who ignited that burning fire in me. I want to have the same strong vigor and great dedication like her. She is my inspiring role model for me to follow. She taught me how to learn English and how to become a good student.

I live in a mountainous area from the West of Hanoi where there are many poor and illiterate children. If I become a teacher, I can bring my knowledge to them and help their life become better. I know that education is the only way to change their life. Now, in my free time, I often help some neighboring kids to study English subject because their parents don’t have enough money for extra classes. I hope that my action will help them a lot in their path of education later. My love for teaching is so strong and I am proud of what I am doing now. My sister is also a teacher and she used to remind me that: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” I want to become a great teacher like that, so I can ignite learning motivation in my future students and help them to realize their potential. I believe that saying will be a huge drive for me to try and follow my ambition in the future.

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